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The Quiksilver Pro France Concert

Friday 27th September - 8pm: Quiksilver Pro France free concert presented by SOSH - Place des Landais, Hossegor





They were originally due to play the Roxy Pro in Biarritz, but that concert was cancelled owing to the stormy weather. Fear not, though, Citizens! fans, for the band will instead be taking the stage at the Quiksilver Pro & Roxy Pro France on September 27th. Having got a taste of the surfing scene on their summer visit to Biarritz, the Londoners were quick to accept Quiksilver's invitation to return to France in late September.


And so Martyn, Thom, Tom, Lawrence and Mike will be rocking the famous Place des Landais in Hossegor with a live concert on September 27th. The proceedings will get under way with an electro set by DJ Malik, followed by the Klaxons and their big guitars.



Three years ago, The Klaxons burst onto the music scene with "Myths Of The Near Future", a Mercury Prize-winning album dripping with originality that breathed new life into the indie scene. Now they're back with a sound that represents a return to the roots of rock. Produced in Los Angeles by Ross Robinson (Sepultura, Slipknot, At the Drive In, The Cure), their new album is a superb effort that seeks to break new ground. “We were an artistic project that got off track,” explains bass player Jamie Reynolds, “but now we're a band.”


Their ambitious new opus takes things to another level, while retaining that spark of pop genius that makes The Klaxons stand out.


Citizens! aren't just your run-of-the-mill pop/rock combo, oh no. If the gushing praise of the British and European music press is to be believed, these guys are the next Franz Ferdinand. And of course, the comparison with that cult indie rock outfit is no coincidence, since Citizens! producer is none other than Alex Kapranos, the Scottish band's lead singer.


But all comparisons aside (even flattering ones), Citizens! are all about flaunting their difference and their originality, whilst proudly reclaiming the term "pop" that's fallen out of fashion, but which remains sacred to them. “Pop is not a dirty word. It’s a holy one” insists Mike. And theirs is sophisticated, avant-garde, creative and ambitious. And it brooks no compromise: nothing borrowed, nothing computer-edited, nothing voice-filtered… Can you get thousands rocking the dancefloor without sacrificing your artistic ambitions? If Citizens' work is anything to go by, the answer is a resounding yes. It's Citizens!




Malikelectric is a top DJ and a very demanding producer. His world is obscure, his musical approach meticulous. Driven by a perpetual quest for perfection, the artist focuses on what's essential: creating music that's vibrant, stimulating and introspective.


On stage, Malikelectric's sound is rich and destructive, with inexorable exactitude. His live sets are punishing. He's the master, his massive sound plunging the crowd into a jumping universe and he's in total control.



To mark the release of his debut EP, Victor Aime - prodigy of the electric scene - will be closing the concert. A chance for him to show off his own sound in a live DJ set. A fan of all kinds of music, it took him many hours (even months) of work to successfully blend a cocktail of his many influences. He takes the daring step of mixing Trap beats with house synth that's become mainstream in his eyes.


Following La Femme, Biarritz reveals a new wave of its musical heritage. The Dedicated Nothing, four musicians coming from the new aesthetic and artistic surf scene, reviving the legend of Miki Dora, rebel icon of California's 50's, who became an exile on the Basque coast from the mid 70's.


A bold, non-conformist inspirational subculture icon, Dora broke surfers of Malibu down into four categories: the kooks, punks, freaks and The Dedicated Nothing.


Their references may be from Malibu, but their musical influences are from another era and another coast, somewhere between New York and London. The Dedicated Nothing breathe a raw and spontaneous rock energy, with shadows of Ian Curtis, Thurston Moore, Johnny Marr intermingled with the more recent influences of Interpol, The Maccabees and the Arctic Monkeys.

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